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Marketing ideas and news from the Aspedia Marketing Team

Are you Effectively Engaging your Online Consumers?

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

Engaging online consumers has become imperative, with the amount of information contained online increasing on a daily basis. Online content is not just centered in one place anymore, such as your website, it is spread across a multitude of websites and social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimisation and the Human Touch

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

The recent updates to Google’s algorithms have all but killed off the golden days of SEO, black hat tricks and backend metrics. 

There has been an increase in reported website ranking drops and inbound traffic due to such changes. However, many of these reported are from websites deploying backhanded SEO tactics of old.

Google Update: Panda 4.0 Assessing the Effects 1 month on

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

With it being just a little over a month since Google released their latest update on 20 May 2014, we studied the effects to rankings and how to get the most out of Panda 4.0.

Statistics vs Anecdotal Evidence in Online Marketing

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

When it comes to an effective online marketing campaigns we are driven to look at statistics and 'proven' methods behind the techniques before we deploy them. However, we also scour blogs and content to see what the experts say, but exactly how much of this is based on statistics?

The value of Mobile Marketing Content and how to Boost your Call to Action Conversion rate

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

This week we take a look at three important areas of content strategy, creating the right content, compelling calls to action and matching images to content.

The Race to Zero for Tech Giants Facebook and Google

A Marketing article written by

Both Facebook and Google are racing to take zero worldwide and to developing countries to grow their services to another one billion or more users. Mobile penetration in emerging markets is booming and mobile phone demand is a lot higher than any for other electronic devices. The opportunity to improve the lives of humans with tech companies is key and zero is the answer.

Facebook’s Growth Plan

Facebook has plans to shell out $19B for the WhatsApp, an instant messaging service to grow the one billion users.

Google’s Growth Plan

LinkedIn’s Products and Services Page is Changing

A Marketing article written by

LinkedIn has decided to remove the Products and Services page from business portfolios. The change comes as LinkedIn has decided to explore new ways to enhance the content that is experienced by users every day on the network.

From 14 April 2014 this tab will be removed from all company pages. From now until then you will be able to edit this page, however, you will not be able to add any new items

What happens to the content after 14 April?   

Optimise your Campaign Tracking with Google Analytics URL Builder

A Marketing article written by

There are a number of channels in your online marketing efforts which you should be tracking. Ever wondered if anyone is actually interested in your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn social media channel marketing activities other than just a like or retweet? Or not sure who has actually been clicking on your links? Now you can dig deeper into your consumer’s behaviour with the help of Google URL Builder and Google Analytics that stores all of the information.

Tracking Benefits

Drupal hits over a Million Sites Globally

A Marketing article written by

Drupal the open source CMS giant now powers 12% of the World’s top 100,000 sites.

The statistics have proven that according to the Drupal.org project usage stats that Drupal officially has more than a million sites running across the globe, as of 15 February. These one million sites are live and in production on the web.

Not all Drupal Versions were Included in the Count 

Is your email signature important?

A Marketing article written by

There are a number of elements you need to carefully consider when it comes to sending emails. The idea is to put information in the email that will be as relevant and targeted to the reader as possible. The subject line is possibly the most cruitial aspect as it needs to catch people's attention that will engage them to click on and open it. The information within the text also needs to be relevant and broken up into easy to read sections with headings. Contact details, your signature and links to more information also offer users more content if that is of interest to them.