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Blog Archive for May 2010

Aspedia Web Marketing Seminars

A Marketing article written by

Aspedia runs monthly seminars in Brisbane to educate businesses on the ever-changing marketplace that is driving online business. This includes tips and hints on how to create a web presence that is attractive to both the visitor and the search engines.

Mick Clarke, who runs most of the Aspedia seminars, has a wealth of experience in the online marketing industry and is passionate about educating businesses on how to generate increased leads on the Internet and reduce costs by doing so.

Some of the other learning objectives of the seminars are:

Save BIG With A Content Managed Website

A Marketing article written by Mike Whitehouse

Turn your website into a power tool with a content management system

Companies have become more concerned over the past few years with where their development dollars are going, especially in web design. Thus, web developers have had to adjust their methods and deliver products that fit the business model.

New Google AdWords Certification Program

A Marketing article written by Mike Whitehouse

The Google Advertising Professionals Program has been replaced with the new Google AdWords Certification Program. With this change the qualification criteria has also altered.

With the Google Adwords Professionals certification program changing, current Google Advertising Professionals will have a 6 month grace period to meet the new criteria put forward to complete, in order to hold onto the certified status. During this grace period, everything will be the same as per normal.

For individual qualification under the new program, the criteria now are:

URL extensions, Hyphen or Underscore?

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A longstanding discussion point amongst SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts has been URL construction and more importantly, whether to use Hyphens or Underscores for best results on the search engines.

Well the clear answer is Hyphens and this confirms what the team at Aspedia has suspected for the last few years and has implemented for our many clients. For those who do not understand the difference between Hyphens and Underscores in domains, firstly here is a domain with a Hyphen: