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Blog Archive for August 2011

Reach Past Visitors with Remarketing

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Most small and medium businesses have hundreds or thousands of visitors visit their website every week. These potential customers may engage in your website, view several pages and be genuinely interested in your offering, yet for some reason they never fill in that contact form or reach for their phone. All is not lost however, with remarketing you can reach out to these users across the web and entice them back to your website through display ads.

Do your images rank well in search results?

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The amount of times that I have presented at an SEO Seminar and been asked about images and how to optimise them on a website is staggering. What still amazes me is how people think that they should just add keywords to their images and that they will be found if they do! My answer to this is to think about the user and how they use search engines to find the content they are looking for.