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Blog Archive for September 2012

iPhone 5, is all the fuss worth it? Google goes after Instagram, and how marketing your business locally matters!

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iPhone 5 released but is it worth upgrading?
With this week's release of Apple's latest iPhone, the '5', current iPhone '4' users are busy comparing features to see whether it is worth upgrading to the new version. From the first few days of selling the new iPhone in the US it would appear that Apple is onto a winner with record sales levels and all the major US carriers sold out, leaving an Apple spokesperson saying that they have 'been blown away by the customer response'!

Google merges Trends and Insights for Search and Google rolls out Reverse Image Search

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Google announced earlier today that it is merging two of its services, Google Trends and Insights for Search. The target objective Google is aiming to achieve is to provide a simpler user interface for these products.