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Blog Archive for February 2012

Facebook Goes Public, Pinterest gets Traction and Google's use of Personal Information

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

Social media is the theme this week with the dominant company in this space finally entering the open market with a long anticipated IPO. Google has also announced new policies across most of their products and Microsoft has responded with an ad campaign promoting their own products. Even with all this activity from established online brands, the emerging social network Pinterest has started to get attention from the online marketing media.

Managing Google+, Valentine's Day in Search and Bigger Adwords Ads

A Marketing article written by

This week Google has released more options for managing your own personal account as well as new ways to promote your site in Adwords. Pinterest's business model has become a lot clearer and Google's official blog gives us some insight into what was happening in search this Valentine's Day.

Is Business all about the Customer Relationship?

A Marketing article written by Mike Whitehouse

It takes more than customer service to build a great relationship with your clients. A great product, solid support and the perfect price all help to make a product or service a success. For many companies, it is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that allows them to bring it all together.

In fact the full benefits from integrating CRM software with your business are not just limited to managing your clients more effectively. CRM software can help businesses manage costs, staff resources and compete against larger or more established businesses.

Datamining, Social Media and should we make the Perfect Ad?

A Marketing article written by

This week here at Aspedia saw a story about statistics, datamining and baby goods get shared and discussed on our Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ accounts. Facebook also appeared in a number of stories, and we read some interesting stuff about interest-based social networks like Pinterest.