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Blog Archive for September 2013

Gmail Open Rates are down since the Introduction of the New Tab Categories

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Since the new Gmail tabs and category labels were introduced earlier this year in July, Google has seen a drop in the email open rates of up to 8%. The Gmail category identifies five new tabs which are broken up into the following: Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates and Forums.

The Latest iPhone 5c and 5s have been realised with a Bunch More Features

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Everyone has been anticipating the latest realise of the new iPhone and Apple has delivered with not only one but two iPhones, the 5c and 5s.

The Latest Updates for the Apple iOS 7 Software and New Apps to Download

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
The launch of the latest Apple iOS 7 operating system is now available for download, after seeing many updates from the previous iOS 6. The new system contains a new framework with even more depth and clarity. There are a bunch of new features such as brighter colours and better capabilities for multitasking.
The launch of the new iOS 7 has seen many of the larger Apple App Store companies refresh and update their apps accordingly to stay up with the latest software.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs Apple iPad

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury
Microsoft recently unveiled their latest tablet, the Surface Pro 2, set to hit stores soon. The Surface Pro 2 introduces new feature upgrades from the previous first generation tablet.