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Audience Engagement

Secure Return Website Visits with Adfollow Remarketing

Do you wish you could increase the amount of consumers that return to your site? Now you can! Get the Audience Engagement Advantage with remarketing services. Aspedia has taken full advantage of Remarketing technology by creating an all-in-one solution including design and implementation of ads to increase return visits to your site. For more information visit our Adfollow website.

Follow your Audience

Adfollow works by tagging visitors to your site with a cookie that is stored in a list for advertising purposes. The list allows you to create ads that will appear to

Those specific users when they visit a Google Partner website (e.g YouTube).

That may sound great, but there's more. You can customise the target audience you follow by choosing different stages of interest in your site. You can target people that have gone to the checkout but not completed a payment or someone interested in t-shirts but not jeans.

Being able to choose who you follow can allow a unique kind of advertising many companies miss out on.

Increase Return Visits

The way Adfollow increases return visits is by showing the users in your created list ads for your site. This also promotes excellent brand awareness by keeping your business fresh in the consumer's mind over your competitors putting you first. The user can be shown a general branding ad or the ads can be customised to certain products, offers or deals. When a user clicks back through to your site this increases the chance of a conversion or purchase taking place. The great thing is you only pay when someone

e clicks. Ensure you engage your audience and bring the customers you may have missed back to your site.



Increase Website Conversions

Getting conversions on your website can be a great way to boost sales of your product or services. With Adfollow you can potentially increase your conversions by over 200% within 12 months. You don't miss out on conversions with Adfollow.

Increase Brand Awareness

By showing ads to previous visitors to your site you can ensure your brand is always the first one on their minds. They may even see you as an industry leader because yours is the company advertising to them constantly.

Customer Loyalty

One of the best ways to increase revenue is to improve customer loyalty to your brand. Adfollow can track people who are repeat buyers on your site and offer them loyalty rewards. If someone proves loyalty you can reward them with special offer ads.

Grow your Business

Adfollow can help you grow your business expeditiously by immediately advertising to website users. By capturing a point where a user leaves, you can quickly adjust and remarket to the needs of these users. This approach can help your business expand with ease.

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