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CRM Solutions

Intuital is Architecture for a Context aware Customer Relationship Management System

Aspedia's R&D project Intuital aims to provide a context aware CRM solution, a world's first of its kind. This solution will allow small to medium businesses let their CRM do the thinking for them. For more information visit the Intuital website.

The Intuital Solution

Intuital is a powerful CRM that has the ability to transform how businesses collect and use their data. Intuital is based on CoDA or Context Delivery Architecture and works within the SOA or Service-Oriented Architecture. Intuital aims to allow staff with no development knowledge maintain their own online database without further help.

Intuital's unique context aware approach relates relevant interactions between the user and the CRM. The CRM reacts to a user's need to answer the main question such as "What have I done?" and "What do I need to do?". With context aware software being in relatively early stages, it is Aspedia's goal to research and develop the first web based CRM to incorporate this.

Data Mining

Intuital has powerful data mining capabilities that not only pulls data from your CRM but can integrate into your website to collect and index information. Being

able to do this allows you to easily structure content that can be used in the future to create new data types. Data that can be pulled from a website includes contact forms, directories and more.

This type of data mining can be particularly useful for websites with member sign-in areas, allowing you to quickly and easy collect a person's data. Intuital also has a streamlined data structure to allow you to view your data in an efficient manner.

Having this type of capability is invaluable to a business and allows you to grow your business with minimal time and cost to increase ROI.


Improve Business Processes

Intuital aims to improve business processes in a number of different ways including mapping and automated workflow, systematic and consistent event management, automated alerts and more. Not only can it improve the way your business is run it can also improve client services.

Customer Relations

Having a good relationship with your customers can be the difference between getting referrals and repeat business to losing business. By being able to automate newsletters, membership renewals and provide up to date information you can keep your customers coming back.

Increase Sales

Sales are what keeps a business running and having an intuital CRM can be a great help. By increasing revenue through automation you can grow new ideas and products to make more sales, whilst having a simplified sales process can help increase turnover.

Software Integration

Our CRM solution can be easily integrated with a number of different types of software including conference, meeting, accounting and more. These capabilities make Intuital one of the most versatile CRM solutions on the global market.

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