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Member Management Software

Fully Integrated Association & Member Management Software

Aspedia's team has developed the ultimate member management solution to fully integrate, automate and report your associations or NFP's data. Our 6 in 1 solution allows for a front end website, eCommerce system, member portal, member database, CRM and financial reporting. For more information or a demo visit the website.

Front End Website

Member Evolution is built on the Drupal framework allowing for an easy to use content managed system. Our powerful websites can be customised to suit your needs, this can include events, news, resources and more.


Changing the content on your website is simple with easy to use WYSIWYGS and content managed banners. Not only can you get the solution you want, your members are able to customise their content by choosing Special Interest Groups by logging into their member portal. The member portal also allows members to buy memberships and update information so you don't have to.

You have control over the design of your website and we will include the tools to get you found on the web. Additional extras such as forums can be added with ease using our developer modules built by Aspedia. Member Evolution can give you a hand up on the web and change how you view your business.

CRM Database Solution

Associations and NFP's often have large databases that need to be accessed by more than one staff member. Member Evolutions customer relationship manager stores all of your data in one area.

Our CRM solution allows your members to use the website to update their information which will be changed in the back end of the site so you no longer have to spend time and money on data entry. You can send newsletters to your members with the click of a button by selecting custom made lists in your CRM. You can add events, calls and more. Members transaction history can be accessed easily and quickly.

The Member Evolution Solution has advanced reports that mine and collect information which is then presented to you in an easy to read format. Standard reports include Members by SIG subscription, Transaction Export, Sent Newsletters, Business Invoice Renewals and more. Save time and money with Member Evolution.

Event Management System

Member Evolution allows you to create and manage events through your website. These events can be personalised to suit your needs and can include multi price events for members and non members. Your events can be easily purchased using our eCommerce system.

CPD Point Allocation

Member Evolutions education management system allows for the capturing of CPD with the ability to allocate them to a member and can be directly linked to events. Members can also access their CPD points via the member CPD diary.

Automated Membership Renewals

Renewals can be a trying time in any association often having hundreds of renewals to be sent to members. With automated renewals the system sends members reminders followed by renewal notices with easy online payment options available through their member portal.

Targeting Communications

Having the ability to reach your members all at once is great, Member Evolution allows you to do this and more. With members being able to opt in and out of mail outs and being able to select Special Interest Groups you can target your newsletters more accurately than ever before.

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