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Blog Archive for July 2012

Moving to the Cloud, What are Smartphones for and clicking 'Want'

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After the announcements from Google, Facebook and Microsoft last month, July has been quiet as far as the major technology companies are concerned. This week saw Facebook's 'Want' button slip into the public, thanks to a curious developer, Fairfax Media is moving to the Cloud for their software needs and Smartphones are used as much for surfing the Web as they are for communication.

Mobiles Phones: for more than Calls

Mobile Micro-conversions, Is Responsive Design Right and Google+ for iPad

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Mobiles featured strongly again this week, with a discussion on selecting the right micro-conversions to track for mobiles and choosing between building a dedicated mobile site or using responsive design to serve the one site in a mobile friendly format.

Yahoo!'s new CEO and their Online Olympic coverage and Privacy on YouTube

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Yahoo! has been in the news this week with a new CEO hired from Google and their online Olympic coverage. YouTube is also adding face blurring technology to their site to help users protect the privacy of those in their video.

The Olympic's Social Media Play, Facebook's Q2 results and Online Reviews for 6 Million

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With the Olympic games starting soon and Facebook's financial results for Q2 released you would be forgiven for thinking that nothing else happened this week. Even with those two brands dominating media coverage online, there were a few other interesting stories. In a surprising move, Optus has acquired the restaurant review website, Eatability, for 6 million dollars, and an Online Marketing Manager from Italy has received a lot of attention for his Google Analytics inspired personal website.