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Mobile Micro-conversions, Is Responsive Design Right and Google+ for iPad

Mobile Micro-conversions, Is Responsive Design Right and Google+ for iPad

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Mobiles featured strongly again this week, with a discussion on selecting the right micro-conversions to track for mobiles and choosing between building a dedicated mobile site or using responsive design to serve the one site in a mobile friendly format.

Rethinking Measuring Success for Mobile Ads
Google's Agency Blog featured an interview with iProspect about setting KPIs for mobile phone based search campaigns. As with any campaign, selecting the appropriate micro-conversions for the channel and medium is key. The only difference with search and display based advertising on mobiles is that actions such as calls can be tracked as well as clicks.

Pandora Returns to Australia
Cloud streaming music service Pandora has returned to Australia after five years. In 2007 Pandora blocked a number of countries including Australia from their service due to licensing agreements. With the right agreements in place, in 2012 Pandora will become available again as a Trial service.

Google+ Designed for iPad
Google has finally released a Google+ app created for iPad. Building on their previous mobile apps, the iPad app is built around a highly polished visual interface. The app integrates Hangouts, events and all other features found in Google+'s browser based interface.

Mobile or Reponsive, Choosing the Right Solution
This week Google published a quick guide to choosing between showing Smartphone visitors a dedicated mobile site or a responsive design. Google outlined a number of factors for businesses to consider when deciding how best to serve their mobile-using customers.