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Managing Google+, Valentine's Day in Search and Bigger Adwords Ads

Managing Google+, Valentine's Day in Search and Bigger Adwords Ads

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This week Google has released more options for managing your own personal account as well as new ways to promote your site in Adwords. Pinterest's business model has become a lot clearer and Google's official blog gives us some insight into what was happening in search this Valentine's Day.

More Control in Google+
Google+ is becoming more manageable with a new set of tools giving users the ability to control how much "What's Hot" content they see littering their feed. Combined with the controls already have over how much they see from each of their circles, this new feature makes it easier for the user to tailor their Google+ experience.

Valentine's Day In Search
Get a Google-eye-view on what happened in search around the 14th of February. Like any other seasonal event, Valentine's Day prompts a wide range of search activity just one time a year, and the Official Google Blog has put together a small snap-shot of how it played out this year.

Pinterest's Business Model?
Recently it came to light that Pinterest was altering links posted by users to collect revenue through affiliate programs for sites like Amazon, eBay and Target. With Pinterest passing Google+ in January for traffic sent from the site, this could be a viable alternative to selling advertising space as Facebook has done.

Optimise Adwords for Page Real Estate
Adwords has just made it possible for the top spots in Search to occupy more space at the top of the results with extended sitelinks. If your Adwords campaign has ads that match your sitelinks extensions, the copy from those creatives could be shown, almost doubling the size of the ad.