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LinkedIn’s Products and Services Page is Changing

LinkedIn’s Products and Services Page is Changing

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LinkedIn has decided to remove the Products and Services page from business portfolios. The change comes as LinkedIn has decided to explore new ways to enhance the content that is experienced by users every day on the network.

From 14 April 2014 this tab will be removed from all company pages. From now until then you will be able to edit this page, however, you will not be able to add any new items

What happens to the content after 14 April?   

The content will be removed, if you would like to save any recommendations you can copy the content into your own document. There is also the option to request a document for the recommendations with the information present as of 4 March. The recommendations will be available to request a document up to 30 May 2014.

New Location for Product and Service Sharin

There are two places for your company to share product and service information:

  1. Company Updates
  2. Showcase pages

Company updates are just the usual posting on your company page and this is not a new feature. This benefits users as the update shows up on every device and on your followers' feeds. The message gets spread faster and further among connections. Visual content is able to be shared here including any videos and images directly to users. Everything shared is in real-time allowing news and special offers to be spread immediately

Showcase pages is a relatively new product and allows your service or product to be displayed in a full page with images and content. Users are able to like the individual page where they will receive updates on those pages that have been liked by a user

The benefits of a showcase page are that they were built to highlight a particular brand or product line. The showcase page generates a dedicated community on LinkedIn and ongoing conversations about a product or service is made possible. A showcase page makes users look forward to any new product or service updates the user is interested in.

Showcase pages are easy to find through the normal search and your company page

To learn more please visit here or to read more on showcases pages click here.