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Drupal hits over a Million Sites Globally

Drupal hits over a Million Sites Globally

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Drupal the open source CMS giant now powers 12% of the World’s top 100,000 sites.

The statistics have proven that according to the Drupal.org project usage stats that Drupal officially has more than a million sites running across the globe, as of 15 February. These one million sites are live and in production on the web.

Not all Drupal Versions were Included in the Count 

This figure of over a million sites powered by Drupal is actually an under-reported figure as the project recorded stats only logged by the sites that were running the update status module. This means that not all Drupal sites were counted and only a small percentage of the sites running on the 6.0 version and older were included.

Who’s Using Drupal?

What makes Drupal so impressive is that it not only powers over 100,000 sites, being a huge chunk of the Web, but the sites it powers are heavily trafficked. The Drupal software powers some of the largest, most well-known organisations, brands and even sports stars' websites from all over the world including The White House, New York Stock Exchange, United Nations, Stanford, Yahoo and many more.

How Drupal is Evolving

The Drupal association is always developing new modules and updating versions of the software, making each even more user friendly and intuitive than the last. The statistics show some definite signs of growth with each version powering more and more sites. The Drupal 6.x module peaked at around 350,000 sites during a given week and 7.x still continues to climb at nearly 800,000 sites. There is no telling what number of sites will be achieved by the upcoming Drupal 8 version and even beyond!

The Drupal Difference

The Drupal Association is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to helping open source projects expand. Drupal is now one of the most popular content management systems worldwide. Drupal is changing lives from all parts of the world and the great part about it is that there is such a diverse global mix of contributors which makes it so unique.

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