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Optimise your Campaign Tracking with Google Analytics URL Builder

Optimise your Campaign Tracking with Google Analytics URL Builder

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There are a number of channels in your online marketing efforts which you should be tracking. Ever wondered if anyone is actually interested in your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn social media channel marketing activities other than just a like or retweet? Or not sure who has actually been clicking on your links? Now you can dig deeper into your consumer’s behaviour with the help of Google URL Builder and Google Analytics that stores all of the information.

Tracking Benefits

By building your links with the URL builder you are able to improve your reporting and statistics. No more guessing what to put in your newsletters or Facebook information, now you will know what works and the topics people are most interested in, thus creating more value for your consumers, saving you time and money.

By putting the link builder on links you post on Social Media Channels as well as emails and newsletters, you are allowing analytics to report on this information where you can go here and find all of the results. Analytics is easy to use once you get the hang of what to look for.

How URL Link Builder Works

Link builder is easy to use - all you need to do is go to Google Link Builder and insert the information. When you are creating a link you can tag additional information to the link that helps describe what the link is and where it came from. This helps you identify what each link is. What needs to be included in the link builder is the URL, campaign source, campaign medium, campaign term, complain content and campaign name.

All these pieces of information help you identity what is what. Once you have entered the information click submit and the link has been built. Now all you need to do is copy this link and paste it in the usual place you would normally (if the link is for Twitter remember to paste into bitly first). 

Where can I view results on Analytics?

Once you have logged into Google Analytics go to the heading ‘Acquisitions’> Campaign. Now you are able to see which links got clicked and how many pages on average were visited.

Now you will be ready to keep track of all your marketing campaigns and therefore report better.