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Is your email signature important?

Is your email signature important?

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There are a number of elements you need to carefully consider when it comes to sending emails. The idea is to put information in the email that will be as relevant and targeted to the reader as possible. The subject line is possibly the most cruitial aspect as it needs to catch people's attention that will engage them to click on and open it. The information within the text also needs to be relevant and broken up into easy to read sections with headings. Contact details, your signature and links to more information also offer users more content if that is of interest to them.

Subject line needs to capture the audience

If the subject of your email is lame, it won’t get read. Statistics reveal that the average person receives more than 50 emails per day and about a quarter of us receive even more than that at a rate of over 100 daily. You need to have a punch line to your email to make sure it gets opened or even better, gets read.

Signatures are important   

Remember those things at the bottom of every email? That’s your signature, and it needs to be good. Not only does the body of the email need to stand out, so does your signature. This is critical as if readers wish to know more about the topic of the email they will want to contact you. Make sure you place your full name, multiple phone numbers, email address, website and even social media networks in your signature block.

What is too much contact information?

You don’t want to overwhelm the reader with thousands of ways they can contact you so place the best way to make contact at the top of the signature. I’ve seen some signatures that even put what awards that business has won. It shows they're leading their industry and good at what they do. There is the chance that if you provide too many contact avenues, none will actually get clicked - obviously you want to avoid this happening.

Images yes or no?

There are some email providers that don’t allow images in emails as they are blocked. If you have an image in your signature that has your name, logo or title in it, chances are it may not be getting seen. There is a way around this and you should always use alt text behind it. It is most annoying receiving an email with a blank area.