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Marketing ideas and news from the Aspedia Marketing Team

New Gmail Inbox Tabs & Category Labels

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Google has made some interesting changes to Gmail this week - livening it up. If you are a user of Gmail you would have noticed a set of new tabs appearing in the inbox. I noticed my inbox had changed this morning and after having a closer look at the email from the Gmail team, it was confirmed. Google had announced a new inbox that organises all your emails into categories as well as a giving you a notification at the top with the number of new emails you have.

Apple's 5th App Store Birthday, Facebook Upgrades Graph Search & iOS 7 Updates

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds as new updates and announcements are released each day. This week, Facebook has updated their graph search as we take a look at what the new search function offers consumers. Apple celebrates their fifth app store anniversary will top iOS apps and games for free.

Google Launches Knowledge Graph Carousel for Local Searches

A Marketing article written by
An announcement has been made for the official launch of Google's Knowledge Graph Carousel now available in local search results. The carousel has been appearing more and more in searches and this has motioned the call to make the launch official for local search results.

Sony Reveals Smart Watch Ahead of Apple, Instagram Introduces Video & Leap Motion Launches

A Marketing article written by
The news has been filled with technology-related updates and latest releases this week, with a focus specifically on the new leap motion hands-on controller and the latest Sony second addition Smartwatch. The major debate has seen the world still awaiting the launch of Apple's Smartwatch while Sony rolls out their second addition. 
Facebook-owed company, Instagram launches a new video feature with the debate that this new feature takes away from the effective and unique photography.

Explore Google Hangouts

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Google Hangouts is the new product taking over from Google Talk, bringing all the people who matter most in your world together in one conversation. Google hangouts enables conversations to come to life with the use of photos, real time video, emoticons and even group video, and the best part is it's all free. 


The main new feature in Google Hangouts is that you can connect and engage easily with friends, work colleagues and family more easily than ever before.

Toshiba Turns on 4G, Tablet vs Laptops Sales & Facebook Advertisers Flee

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
In this week's news and updates it feels that external factors are playing a key role in the changing nature of technology and advertising. Tablet shipments have been predicted to outsell laptops this year, which has come as a surprise as researches hadn't expected this to happen until 2014. Big brand advertisers withdraw from having their ads being shown on Facebook due to them being shown near other offensive images and comments.

YouTube Produces 'Shoppable' Videos, Yahoo Buys Tumblr and Google+ Launches Redesign

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

This week has been very eventful, with announcements coming from Google's I/O conference and the $1.1 billion deal Yahoo signed with media blogging site, Tumblr. 

There is never a dull moment in the world of technology and business as brands and icons are ever-evolving, improving and building on previous models and features, not to mention breaking deals.

Google+ announces a dramatic change in the redesign of their page layout, and YouTube creates 'shoppable' videos.

How to Determine if your Email Campaigns are Effective

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

Email marketing is a great way to communicate a message to a targeted audience. There are a range of different audiences that you can target your campaign to and these may include employees, clients, prospects or suppliers. A few ways in which you as a company can measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns will be discussed below including how to set goals and improve your open rates.

LinkedIn Gets Social

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Not so long ago LinkedIn launched a new slideshow content feature ad providing engaging information to users, where businesses can add videos, blogs, company news and live updates to their slideshow presentation.

Blogging Should Be Everyone's Business

A Marketing article written by
Team blogging is a relatively new approach for companies, where previous blogging techniques saw the responsibility taken on by one or two colleagues from within the social media and marketing team. Recently, new ideas and approaches are being put into practice as the social media presence for a company becomes increasingly important.
A company's blogging space reflects back onto the brand, and consumers now want to read a wide range of information from a variety of different people's opinions and views.