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Google Launches Knowledge Graph Carousel for Local Searches

Google Launches Knowledge Graph Carousel for Local Searches

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An announcement has been made for the official launch of Google's Knowledge Graph Carousel now available in local search results. The carousel has been appearing more and more in searches and this has motioned the call to make the launch official for local search results. The carousel is a really clever addition to Google search as it allows users to engage in a wider volume of information directly related to what they are searching for.

How Users Benefit

When users search for a topic such as what to do in a certain city or where to go for bars or restaurants, your browser transforms your page into a visual browser list. This occurs along the top of the browser, also known as a carousel, which appears horizontally to display a variety of images that are all directly related to your search.
Once you have made a search and the carousel images appear, you can see the number of reviews the restaurant, bar or hotel has, along with the name and address of the venue. If one of the display options takes your fancy you can click on it and more information appears below with a map, directions, photos, phone number and any upcoming events. To keep looking and view the other option simply click on the other displays.

How Knowledge Graph Carousel Works

Google has further tapped into the knowledge graph to give consumers more options and information. The reason for the launch of the local search option is to grow the knowledge graph to make it larger and richer than ever before, through understanding more about the information that's already out there on the Web.
The carousel of information displayed at the top of the results page gives people the ability to further engage in a more complex picture on the item they are searching for and are curious about. Carousel turns information into an interactive, exciting and helpful format where you can search almost any collection whether it be a music genre, breed of animal or even famous artist and a wide range of answers relevant to your search will appear at your fingertips. 
Try it yourself. I cannot wait until Google knowledge graph hits Australia - so far it is only released in the US. To find out more click here.