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How to Determine if your Email Campaigns are Effective

How to Determine if your Email Campaigns are Effective

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

Email marketing is a great way to communicate a message to a targeted audience. There are a range of different audiences that you can target your campaign to and these may include employees, clients, prospects or suppliers. A few ways in which you as a company can measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns will be discussed below including how to set goals and improve your open rates.

Goals of your Campaign

The first step is to establish the purpose and goal of your email campaign. What is the message you want to deliver? Is it a sale or discount you're offering consumers via email? Is it a certain number of people who click on the link that takes them back to your web page? There are thousands of goals that can be implemented into your email marketing campaign; the trick is being able to measure the volume.

Your email campaign can be as simple as you like; you just want them to do something after receiving it, and if that works your campaigns are successful. 

Create Mail Content 

Templates are a great idea to keep your styling and content body consistent. This can also save time for the next time you want to send a newsletter as the template will be ready to go - all that is needed is new content and subject headings.

The subject and body of the email needs to be created depending on your goals and objectives. The first step is to try and avoid using upper case in the subject title, as well as steering clear of any words such as, 'FREE', 'NOW' or 'BUY' as these will go straight into spam and end up in the recipient's junk mail.

Always remember to link words to where the viewer can go for more information. Place social media icons at the bottom so people are able to connect with you easily. Use email addresses, phone numbers and addresses where appropriate, as contact information is vital.

Improve Open Rates 

It is important to use reputable email marketing software services, as this may affect your open rates if you are not using one. Make sure you use an email service provider with a reputable image so your emails get sent.

Good results with your open rates means that your campaign generates increased exposure. Use Google analytics ULR builder tool so you can measure and track results.

Test Email before Sending

It is always a good idea to test the email once it is complete. Tests can be sent to fellow work colleagues; this ensures that your images are appearing and you can see what it looks like as well as double-check spelling. You don't want to send a newsletter out only to realise the image is too big or the grammar is wrong. 

Measure Your Results 

Google Analytics is a great tool to measure your email marketing campaign results. It's free and you are able to record and measure your results against past campaigns. Analytics gives you statistics on the percentage of users that clicked a link and were redirected from a certain section of your newsletter. 

The best timeframe to start checking results would be up to few days to a week later.

Now you can make conclusions based on your campaign's results and see how effective they are. These results now give you a better starting point for the next campaign.