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Blogs by the Aspedia Developers

What is Schema.org and How can you Use it?

A Development article written by Elle Meech
Schema is a structured database system that is supported by database management (DBMS). Schema is all about finding the relationship between information and data while making it easier for search engines to deliver the right information to the user.
Schema.org offers a range of different codes such as HTML tags that are used by webmasters to markup pages. These pages are then recognised by the large search engine providers such as Bing, Yahoo!, Google and Yandex.

What to Expect with the New and Innovative Drupal 8

A Development article written by
While Drupal 8 is not due to be released until later in the year, there is a wide range of speculation forming on what to expect with the latest open source content management system.

Drupal Facebook Modules Part 4

A Development article written by

The final instalment of the Drupal Facebook modules month of blogs will conclude with taking a look at the feed dialog function, which offers the user a few options when sharing content. The second modules will focus on shared activities and how the user can monitor what type of content is shared on your Facebook page and website. Facepile is the final feature which can allow you to track users who have interacted with your site.

Drupal Facebook Modules Part 3

A Development article written by Elle Meech
In the third instalment of the Drupal Facebook modules month of blogs we will be taking a look at the recommendation features that can be added to any Drupal site. Recommendations can give your company, product or organisation credit among social network users. Not only can it show that people recommend what you have to offer, it can give you exposure on users' and their friends' social network page.
Implementing these modules can be a great way to gain exposure and is simple and easy to use allowing smooth integration.

Drupal Facebook Modules Part 2

A Development article written by Elle Meech
This week's Drupal Facebook modules blog will be taking a look at two more features that can ensure a simple yet advanced connection between your website and your Facebook page. The great thing about these modules is not only are they open source (and free), they are often available within one complete module. This time around we'll be taking a closer look at the follow button, comments feature and the like box.

In Page Analytics and Google's Tag Manager

A Development article written by Elle Meech

Recent changes online include better linking attribution for In Page Google Analytics and Google launches their Tag Manager.

1. If you don't check your analytics on your website regularly, you should think about it. Not only do you see the history of keywords, where visitors have come from and how long they stay on your site, but you can see in real time, how many people are on your site and which links they are clicking on each page.

RTO eCommerce Specialist Goes Live

A Development article written by Lynne Newbury

eLearn3, a dedicated web design and branding agency specialising in Registered Training Organisations (RTO) just went live this week. eLearn3 (live at http://www.elearn3.com.au) takes Aspedia's expertise and experience in serving RTOs and delivering eLearning solutions to both training and corporate clients and provides a fully fledged online solution.

Why Your Business Needs a CRM System

A Development article written by Mike Whitehouse

Having a CRM System is a vital tool for Sales Force Automation. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a widely used system for companies to manage interaction with customers. The primary goals of a CRM system are to reach and acquire customers, enhance the customer experience through customer service, and to retain customers by refining their target market and initiating relationship marketing.

Internationalisation - Is It Important for your Business?

A Development article written by Lynne Newbury

The goal of Internationalisation is to have content translated to two or more languages to meet the language preferences and content requirements of your visitors.

Either the visitor can choose a language preference or this can be intelligently decided for them based upon the location of the visitor and the existing language settings of their web browser software.

Aspedia Wins Optus Most Innovative Australian IT Company

A Development article written by Lynne Newbury

Aspedia was nominated in the Optus IT Challenge for innovation late last year. Being one of hundreds of nominees from Small Medium Business (SMB) to Enterprise, the initial stage of the competition involved a people's choice competition on the dedicated event website. With support from many of our clients and partners, Aspedia placed a respectable third for this stage.