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In Page Analytics and Google's Tag Manager

In Page Analytics and Google's Tag Manager

A Development article written by Elle Meech

Recent changes online include better linking attribution for In Page Google Analytics and Google launches their Tag Manager.

1. If you don't check your analytics on your website regularly, you should think about it. Not only do you see the history of keywords, where visitors have come from and how long they stay on your site, but you can see in real time, how many people are on your site and which links they are clicking on each page.

Before the recent update you could only see the URL clickthrough information, but now you can see which link on each page, even if it's a graphic that was clicked. If you have two links through to the same page, one on an image and one in the text, you never used to know which link was clicked to arrive at that page - now you can see which one was clicked. Read more on google's blogspot for analytics.

2. Google's Tag Manager, launched on 6 December, gives you the ability to add tags to your website with the help of tag template - if you're including conversion tracking or Analytics tags to your website you can use the tag template to help you set them up.

If you haven't added tags to your website before and aren't sure how to go about it - this tool will help. Google has said that 'This is just the first wave of supported tags, and you can look forward to many more coming soon'.