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Drupal Facebook Modules Part 4

Drupal Facebook Modules Part 4

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The final instalment of the Drupal Facebook modules month of blogs will conclude with taking a look at the feed dialog function, which offers the user a few options when sharing content. The second modules will focus on shared activities and how the user can monitor what type of content is shared on your Facebook page and website. Facepile is the final feature which can allow you to track users who have interacted with your site.

By incorporating these modules into your own Facebook page and website, you will gain positive exposure. These functions allow you to gain full control to monitor what is put on your wall, allowing you to get the most out of Facebook.

Feed Dialog
The feed dialogue allows a user to share your content on the Facebook wall, however, it also allows the person to include a personal message. The user can ‘say something’ about your content and then hit the share button to post it to their Facebook wall.

The post will appear differently when using a device such as an iPhone. This will ask the user to publish to their wall instead of share. Fundamentally this option has exactly the same effect as the desktop feed dialog box.

Shared Activity

Shared Activity allows users to control what information from your comments and activities is shown on your site and Facebook. The plugin allows you to set privacy settings specifically for your site whilst stopping unwanted activity on your Facebook.

The Facepile module allows you to display the profile picture of users that have interacted on your website via any means, using their Facebook profile. The module can be completely configured to limit the shown pictures to people, for example, those who have signed up to your site or liked your site.

Relevance of Such Modules
The use of social media is evolving as more and more businesses are getting on board. Facebook is a great way to get your business out there and create a positive image within the community. Having the ability to share information between businesses has never been so easy, and taking advantage of the readily available information and knowledge is a good idea.

Drupal and Facebook are continually adding new features and keeping up to date with what is available is vital in the ever-changing social media environment.