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What is Schema.org and How can you Use it?

What is Schema.org and How can you Use it?

A Development article written by Elle Meech
Schema is a structured database system that is supported by database management (DBMS). Schema is all about finding the relationship between information and data while making it easier for search engines to deliver the right information to the user.
Schema.org offers a range of different codes such as HTML tags that are used by webmasters to markup pages. These pages are then recognised by the large search engine providers such as Bing, Yahoo!, Google and Yandex. The search engines rely on these markups to improve the display of search results that then flow down to the user, making it easier for people to find the pages they are looking for. 

How Schema Works

Websites are usually generated from structured data that is stored within the database, and many search engines benefit from direct access to the structured data. Richer search results can then be made available using the on-page markup enabling users to find relevant information while surfing the web.
The majority of webmasters will be familiar with HTML tags on their pages. As it is the HTML tags tell the browser how to display the information included in the tag. The shared vocabularies provided by Schema allows the webmaster to mark up their pages and be able to be understood by the search engines.

How to use Microdata to Mark up Your Content

Schema is used alongside microdata format that adds information to the HTML content. Search engines have a limited understanding of what information is specifically being discussed, and by adding additional tags to the HTML of your own web pages tags it makes it easier for search engines to pick up on this information.
You can help search engines and other applications better understand and read your content to display it in a more useful way. The way to put microdata into action within your website is to work with HTML5.
For those who require more information on Google's webmaster tools and HTML please click here.