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Internationalisation - Is It Important for your Business?

Internationalisation - Is It Important for your Business?

A Development article written by Lynne Newbury

The goal of Internationalisation is to have content translated to two or more languages to meet the language preferences and content requirements of your visitors.

Either the visitor can choose a language preference or this can be intelligently decided for them based upon the location of the visitor and the existing language settings of their web browser software.

For Example: "You may have a US visitor on your website who is currently located in Russia as they are holidaying. With the AspediaWEB Internationalisation system we can deliver to them Russian content, images and menu choices and even a integrated Google Map of the Russian locations of your business but this content can be presented is US English as this was the setting extracted from their web browser software."

AspediaWEB Internationalisation features include:

  • GEO-IP locator to pinpoint the exact location of visitors globally and deliver content specific to their local needs
  • Automated Google translation for simple site maintenance
  • Language icons with links for easy language selection by visitors
  • Translation of all content, menus and taxonomy categories
  • Image Swapper to replace images throughout the website with location specific images
  • Browser sensor to identify each visitor's existing language setting and automatically change your website to match
  • Internationalise your polls to gather a truly global viewpoint!

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