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Getting the most out of your Google Places Page

Getting the most out of your Google Places Page

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With Google Places on the rise and Google showing more places lists on an increased number of search engine results pages, it’s important to make sure you are utilising your business' Google Places page. Optimising your own company's page gives you the opportunity to either gain a spot on the first page or gain more spaces on the first page. Your business has nothing to lose and everything to gain if optimised correctly.

Gain reviews

Reviews are a great way to increase your local search rankings. Getting positive feedback in your reviews is sometimes hard to come by, as people tend to review a place where they have had a negative experience. A good place to start is by giving people incentives to review your business - this can be anything from sending a message to your Facebook fans or email list asking them to review your Google Places. Another idea is to send out postcards like dentists do to give people a call to action to review your business. Make sure you put a sign near your cash register asking for a review also.

Accurate Information

Adding as much information to your Google Places account is very important, as the more information you can provide both Google and users the better. Make sure you try and fill out as many fields as possible, not only the required fields but also the optional ones.

For example:

  • Website
  • Description
  • Email address
  • Categories

Make sure your business hours are accurate, and ensure you upload photos and videos of your business. Content and information needs to be consistent across all your business pages as well as on other web pages.

Implement Keywords

As it is with SEO, keywords are important to your Google Places page. Try to use keyword-rich descriptions, but make sure not to stuff your content with keywords. The information still needs to make sense otherwise Google can remove your page. Make sure you don’t place keywords in the business name unless it is part of your business name.

If you are unsure of the most effective keywords and phrases for your business, make sure you check out the free AdWords key work planner, where you can easily see which keywords are generating high traffic and popular search terms.

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