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The Difference Between Google Places for Business and Google+ Local

The Difference Between Google Places for Business and Google+ Local

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Google Places and Google+ Local are two different Google functions, and if you are confused about the two hopefully we can help you better understand how they work, and how you can utilise them in your own business environment. It can be a struggle for small local businesses to understand how these tools work and what you need to do to implement this free and easy to use Google software.

Google Places

Listing your business via Google requires you to set up a Google Places for Business account. This is where you provide all the details about your business which include address, open hours, description and images. The more information you provide the more users will know about your business. These few important pieces of information are all the search engine needs when listing your business.

Once your Google Places account has been created and verified by receiving a code via postcard to your address, your listing is ready to be exposed and you are able to take full control of your brand and image. If you’re ready to create your Google places account, please click here to get started.

Google+ Local Business Pages

When you search Google+ Local the search engine identifies your location and generates a view of the recommended places near your location, mine being Brisbane. It enables you to refine your search and type in exactly what you are searching for. Google+ Local is a more social and visually engaging site that allows you to perform a number of functions. Here you can connect with customers and industry specialists, just like you can do on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Once you have connected with customers you are then able to see their daily posts and interactions. The good thing about Google+ is that all of your business information along with photos is exposed to users so they can gauge a better understanding about your business. Information is able to be readily updated all under your control.

Do I need both?

It’s a good idea to get both Google Places and Google+ Local as you get full control of the information shown along with the ability to respond first hand to any queries or questions users may have. Online reviews are another good way for you to keep in touch with consumers allowing you to answer reviews and connect with new contacts.

Being visible on both accounts gives you increased brand awareness and exposure. Not only is it important from a social media aspect but also for your SEO, as the more information you can give Google the better you can rank.

Can I combine both Google Places and Google+ Local Page?

Both accounts can be combined but the only real benefit is that you can now manage both accounts from the one location. Getting started is a bit tricky but it can be done, however, it doesn’t improve your SEO and there are a few drawbacks that can stop you from doing this. These include having to have the same email address for both accounts, being able to receive verification postcards and you must have a Google+ Business page first.

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