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Yelp Launched in Australia and Chrome Comes Second

Yelp Launched in Australia and Chrome Comes Second

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

This week came with some big news, Yelp has finally made it to Australia! That was not the only thing to get our attention online, with a great source for web design inspiration and Chrome edging past Firefox to become the world's second favourite browser making the list too.

Yelp Lands in Australia
Yelp is a popular review site from the states with over 61 million visitors from Q3 this year, and it has finally launched an Australian version. Apparently Yelp.com.au is using Sensis information, but it won't be long before the community here in Australia adds more places, information and reviews.

Lost at E Minor
An online publication packed full of new art, video, music, websites and design. Lost at E Minor is a great site for random web design inspiration or just killing some time.

Chrome Overtakes Firefox
Chrome is gaining on Internet Explorer, beating Firefox for the world's second most popular browser. With 25.69% of the market globally, just ahead of Firefox's 25.23%, making sure your site looks good in more than just Internet Explorer is as important as ever.