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Yahoo beats Google in Traffic for the first time since 2011

Yahoo beats Google in Traffic for the first time since 2011

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
For the first time since May 2011 Yahoo outdid Google in the number of search results, regaining the number one position. Yahoo shares got a 2% increase during the early trading, and these results have shocked everyone. July's web traffic for Yahoo beat Google for the first time in a long while, and the results according to digital analysis group comScore was highlighted in their monthly ranking of US web activity.
The number one spot is constantly battled out between Yahoo and Google, who have generally held the top two positions for the past five years. But this is the first time Yahoo has been in the top position since CEO Marissa Mayer took over a year ago.

Tumble Isn't to Credit 

According to results the recent purchase of Yahoo's Tumblr didn't have anything to do with Yahoo's recent position increase. This is due to Tumblr not being included in Yahoo's sites roll up and the result did not aid in Yahoo's top position. 
Tumblr's 38,397,000 visits will only benefit Yahoo in the future when comScore does merge Tumblr's figures into the search traffic total. 


The numbers between the two search engines equate to the audience for Yahoo being 197 million unique visitors compared to Google's 192 million visitors during the month of July. The third search engine to be ranked was Microsoft’s Bing followed by Facebook and AOL coming in fourth and fifth.
Could the increase in the search results for Yahoo be thanks to their new CEO Marissa Mayer and a sign that Yahoo is back on track?
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