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Why Would You Advertise On Facebook?

Why Would You Advertise On Facebook?

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

You may not even realise that you can advertise on Facebook, well you can but why would you?

Surely Google advertising is much larger and more targeted?  Well look at some of the facts and I'm sure you will agree that advertising on Facebook should at least be researched if not implemented sooner rather than later!

  • Facebook has 400 million active members, that means it is 5 times larger than Google!
  • Some 40 billion views per month!
  • Facebook's main audience is between 18 and 44 - much older than you thought right?
  • Membership based so adds more value


Worthy of a bit more research?

Think about it for a moment, what advantages do you gain from Facebook over Google? Well Facebook has the following features which are unique;

  • Fully integrated personal profiles - allows you to decide based on the users profiles and interests exactly who to place your message in front of.
  • Search by Age group, gender, industry, occupation, likes and dislikes, etc
  • Advertiser competition is fairly low currently
  • Cost per click is generally much lower due to reduced competition
  • Reduced amount of adverts per page
  • Can add images to your adverts very easily.

There are many more reason why Facebook advertising is worthy of consideration but beware as Facebook are very protective over their membership which means you will need to be very careful how you market to them as you don't want to end up having your account suspended or even canceled.

Remember this is 'Permission Based' marketing and as such it has it complications, Aspedia is well versed with this type of advertising and will be happy to sit with you to discuss your options further.