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Website Liable for Comments Made by Users, Facebook Changes Privacy Settings & Managing Drupal Goals in Google Analytics

Website Liable for Comments Made by Users, Facebook Changes Privacy Settings & Managing Drupal Goals in Google Analytics

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There have been a number interesting topics and debates being raised this week with an internet news website being responsible for offensive views and comments posted by readers. Facebook has decided to change privacy settings that once allowed users to hide their own profiles from search results. Analytics also updated their programs to allow managing of goals in the latest Drupal 7 software.

News Website Liable         

In Europe a set of union judges ruled that a top news website in Estonia is legally responsible for comments made by users. The company called Delfi published an article on a ferry company's decision to change their routes and therefore created a delay of opening alternative cheaper ice roads for transport between certain islands. In repose to the article written by Delfi numerous readers wrote highly offensive and threatening posts directed at the ferry and its operators.

This situation has highlighted a number of issues in regards to website blog columns and the ability for readers to leave comments. Social media also adds to the ability to share content enabling a wider reader reach.

Facebook's Privacy Setting Update

The privacy settings on Facebook that once allowed users to prevent their profile from being able to be searched has been removed. For users who don't wish to be found in the search function they could update their privacy setting to enables this. Now Facebook has removed the ability for user to be unsearchable. The reason why Facebook has gotten rid of this setting is according statements the setting was not being used and if it was it was by a small percentage of people and it did not affect the privacy on posts. 

People can now search using Graph Search making it crucial for people to control their privacy of the items they share rather than how people actually get to your timeline. Users need to be aware of how their profile is displayed in the search.

Managing Drupal Goals in Google Analytics   

Google Analytics has recognised the need to maintain its goals in line with changes that may be made with your Drupal website. The Google program wishes to create more meaningful analytics in terms of the proper use of goals. The Drupal intelligence module offers a greater range of flexibility along with an integrated way of managing your Google Analytics goals. Google Analytics has provided a program that allows you to step through each function allowing you to get the most out of your website and your set goals. 

How the Drupal module integrates analytics goals is by triggering your goals and enabling you to assign custom values. To find out more click here.