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Social Media Stats

Social Media Stats

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So how popular are social media sites? Are people really spending as much time on them as we are led to believe?

Well here are some interesting statistics that show clearly that this 'fad' is here to stay:

  • Facebook states that 50% of its users log on every day - that's 175 million users every 24 hours!!
  • Twitter has over 75 million user accounts but only 15 million are active on a regular basis!
  • LinkedIn has over 50 million members, India boasts the fastest growing membership!
  • 100 million users connect on Facebook via mobile devices!
  • More than 700,000 local businesses have active pages on Facebook!
  • There are 27.3 million Tweets per day!
  • 99% of online retailers intend to have a Facebook page by 2011
  • 44% of Twitter users have recommended a product
  • Facebook is estimated to be valued at over $10 billion!
  • Twitter is estimated to be valued at around $1 billion!