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Risky SEO Links, Your Google Addiction and Google+ for Comments

Risky SEO Links, Your Google Addiction and Google+ for Comments

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This week has seen Google release Account Activity reports for users, and completely de-indexed a number of blog networks for bad behaviour. Rumours have also begun that Google intends to release a Google+ based commenting platform for websites similar to Facebook's own commenting system.

Risking Linking Business
Over the last week Google has completely de-indexed a number of made-for-SEO blog networks. Previously Google has indicated that while it does try to only penalise specific sites through their algorithms, should a blog or site platform exhibit widespread undesirable behaviour, they may take the step to de-index the entire platform, and every site it hosts, and consequently affect the rankings of sites that rely on these dubious tactics. As Google develops their ability to detect unnatural links and artificially inflated rankings, it is becoming even more important for businesses to ensure that they manage their risk. Ensuring that their site is being promoted using White Hat tactics is one way to avoid these issues as Google's algorithm evolves.

How much Google do you use?
Ever wanted to know how often you search and which browsers you use? Google has introduced Account Activity reports, a new feature that gives the user information on their email and search activity, YouTube video views and what browser and platform they log in on.

Google+ Comments on your Site
Google+ is following Facebook, and launching a commenting platform linked to Google+ that can be used with anyone's website. Similar to Facebook comments (used by sites like techcrunch.com). Even though this is still a rumour right now, it will be interesting to see how this, or a product like it, would compete against so many other commenting products.

Top tips to get the most from Linkedin
Linkedin is a powerful tool for professionals who want to get the most from their networks for themselves or their businesses. This list of top tips will help you get the most out of the time you invest the social network.

Aspedia Nominated for the Telstra Business Awards
Aspedia has been nominated for the Telstra Business Awards this year. The Telstra Business Awards recognise innovative and entrepreneurial Australian small to medium businesses.