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Reach out with Remarketing

Reach out with Remarketing

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

What it Does

Remarketing enables you to display targeted adverts across various websites to users who have previously visited your site, with a service like Google’s content network.

Why Use it?

Remarketing allows you to frequently communicate with users who have previously visited key pages on your website, giving you a powerful tool to match a targeted, relevant message to the right audience. You can target (remarket) to these people with custom text or display advertising across the web, since you already know they have visited your site and are aware of your products/services.
Remarketing provides you with the ability to actively engage potential and existing customers throughout the purchase lifecycle as they browse the web, keeping your products and brand in front of them.

Your Remarketing Message

Your remarketing message is your second chance to communicate effectively with users, entice them to revisit your site and ultimately make a purchase. Be specific! Your message should be communicated in a different context to your original message, as the user is already aware of your products/services after visiting your site. Try not to ‘creep’ the user out by using such headlines, as “We know you’ve visited”, try and be straight to the point and engage the user on key attributes such as branding, benefits, discounts and pricing.
Remarketing campaigns have an option to use both image (banner) and text adverts. The most common appearing advertisement size is 300x250 pixels although it is worthwhile producing ads to fit all 8 google displays sizes so they appear more frequently. 
When constructing your message take into account the product purchase time variations associated with your industry. Products such as clothing and electronics will have a shorter purchase cycle usually 5-30 days after need recognition, whereas a vehicle could have up to a 12 month purchase cycle. Consider this when deciding the startegy and targeted duration of your remarketing adverts. 
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