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LinkedIn's 3 Million Australians, Print yet again and 79 million YouTube views

LinkedIn's 3 Million Australians, Print yet again and 79 million YouTube views

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There has been a lot happening with social media recently, one of the largest stories featuring a video with over 79 million views on YouTube as a part of the "Make Kony Famous" campaign. LinkedIn also hit another milestone by passing 3 million users in Australia, covering over 60 per cent of the Australian professional population.
3 Million Australian's on LinkedIn
The professional social media networking site, LinkedIn, has just passed 3 million Australian users. LinkedIn's popularity with advertisers and professionals alike has cememted its popularity and practically guarenteed its continued growth. LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand Managing Director, Clifford Rosenberg, said "We estimate there are around 4.8 million professionals in Australia, which means over 60 per cent of Australia's professional population is now on LinkedIn."

How Connected are you on LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is not just valuable because of who you are connected to. It is who the people you know are connected to that makes the social media site so valuable. For the average LinkedIn user these 2nd degree connections link them to an additional 6,000 companies, 130 industries and 9,000 people! In terms of creating access to opportunities, this is a phenominal level of potential reach!

Reinventing Print
Cheap printing and conductive ink makes interactive posters possible. Posters that let the user play music and potentially interact with digital content are being shown at SXSW in Austin this year. Combining printable circuits with faster and cheaper technology demonstrates that innovation matters, regardless of medium.

Stop Kony, Watch a Video!
This week saw an ambitious video campaign go viral at an exceptional pace. The Stop Kony campaign from Invisible Children generated a phenomonal level of reach with their video, with over 79 million views on YouTube. While the debate is still raging over just how effective the Kony 2012 video and accompanying social media campaign will be in actually stopping the man, it is a textbook case of how effective social media can be in spreading a message. Especially when the message resonates with its audience, and is communicated via a high quality video.