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How to Successfully Visually Plan your Next Website

How to Successfully Visually Plan your Next Website

A Design article written by Lynne Newbury
There are a number of measurable factors that come into play when deciding whether it's time for a new website redesign. Please refer to 'Analytics Determines if it's Time for a Website Redesign'.
Now that you are on the right path to undergoing a website redesign it's time to start the design phase of your visual plan, and there are a number of ways you can go about this, through utilising both the most time and cost effective outcomes for your business.

Team involved in the Design Stage 

The design of your website is the most crucial aspect, and there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account. Content is the main focus of any site and the design needs to make it stand out to the visitors of your site. You can do this by thinking of the layout of the content and how it will be consumed by the user.
It is important to think about the team that will be involved in the project, as this can lead to a more efficient and productive outcome. A healthy team encompasses equal levels of experienced members that include the visual designer, site development and content production members.
Each team member needs to communicate with one another, and the designer and the content production team members need to first discuss the layout and usability of the website.

The Benefits of Using Wireframes 

The best way to start the design process is to begin with high-definition wireframes, designed by designers who both understand the code behind a web site and the process behind content production. Wireframes are key in painting a clear picture of the site before it goes into the development team.
Wireframes act as a format with a vision that stay away from any distracting elements such as colour, textures and fonts. Using this planning stage of a site leads to increased predictability for the development and theming phases.
By implementing these steps a clear visual plan will be in place, the design approval process becomes more efficient, and the project is well on its way to transforming into a rational well thought out design.