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How to get your Existing Website Ready for 2014 Before the Christmas Break

How to get your Existing Website Ready for 2014 Before the Christmas Break

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The end of the year is always the busiest period with Christmas parties and project deadlines. Amongst the chaos it's a good idea to take a quick look at your website and make sure everything is updated and ready for the New Year. As more people move towards an internet driven world, connecting with the rest of the globe has never been easier. It is important that your website is as up-to-date as possible

1. Update Event

Make sure your events and calendar is up-to-date, by deleting any old events for 2013. Add any new events that will be occurring in 2014. This way when people jump on your calendar in the New Year they will be able to view all of your most current and up to date events, keeping users engaged and giving them a positive user experience while on your site. It is really annoying seeing old events on a site.

2. Refresh Content

New and fresh content on a website never goes astray and making sure your website has the latest news articles and current blogs is a good place to start. Not only does it encourage users to stay longer on your website but it also improves your SEO and keywords. Google will rank your website higher if there is new content.

3. Christmas Closure 

It's an excellent idea to email all your clients prior to your Christmas closing dates. Giving clients a few weeks' notice of the exact dates that your office will be shutting down over the festive season is a must. This ensures clients know exactly when they will not be able to reach you, and any prior payments that are required during this time can be paid in advance. If you have a business Facebook page, it's also a good idea to remind clients again on social media.

4.  Merry Christmas Email

Sending a Merry Christmas email to all your clients is a nice touch and a great way to end the year, leaving a good impression in consumers' minds. Thanking them for their continued support and wishing them a relaxing and safe break is essential.

5. Future Planning 

If your business still hasn't gone down the path of a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter page, maybe the New Year is a great time to implement some social media into your marketing objectives. Social media will increase your brand and product awareness to a whole new audience that is global

If you're wanting an ecommerce system the New Year is a great place to start implementing those changes and steps forward towards a tech-savvy company.