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How can Mobile SEO Help Local Business

How can Mobile SEO Help Local Business

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We now spend more time on mobile phones today than ever before due to the ease of accessibility. We use mobile for a variety of different purposes such as; shopping, socializing, seeking news or information and playing games. Recently, Google announced that mobile search volume may exceed PC search by the end of this year. For the marketers, it means that implementing a successful mobile SEO strategy is essential for any business, especially local and small businesses.

What are mobile users searching for?

It is important to notice that mobile and PC users search for different things. The 4 main characteristics of mobile users behaviour include:

  • Needs - Getting directions, Finding phone Numbers, Opening hours,
  • Wants - Price comparing, Reading reviews, Researching items before purchase
  • Curiosity - Who is in the movie? Latest News?
  • Fun - Game, Youtube, Social Media

So it is clear now that fulfilling the parts of our human “Needs” is key for your business success. Because you might lose vital business opportunities, if your phone number or location are hidden when your potential customers want to start an action such as a call.

3 tips for Mobile SEO

1. Optimise local search results

Local listings provide the opportunity for businesses to present customers the right information at the right time by providing up-to-date information, such as contacts, location, opening hours, products and services. Ranking high in the local listings generates traffic for your website and gives you more sales!

2. Add “Call Us” and “Find Us” links at the top of the mobile app

When the user clicks the “Call Us”, or “Find Us” on the mobile site, it automatically dials or shows the location on the google maps. It is simple, but very powerful to engage with existing or new customers who are searching for your business to place a call, get directions or send an email.

3. Have a clean design mobile app with a focus on usability

A messy design results in a messy consequence. For mobile phone apps, fewer options with a simple structure is better. Making the text clear with big call to action (CTA) buttons and breaking long tasks into short steps will help you to improve conversions.

We strongly encourage to optimise Mobile SEO for any small or local businesses that relies upon inbound calls and inquiries which in turn generate sales. You will no doubt see an increase in traffic and a strong ROI with your efforts!