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Have you Tried Google Voice Commands?

Have you Tried Google Voice Commands?

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The latest Google voice command search now has even more commands than ever before. You may be thinking that this sounds a bit odd but once you start using it either via your android phone or within Chrome on a computer, it becomes quite a useful tool. Google has been pushing out more versions with new features to ensure it is user friendly.

50 Voice Commands

Google now has over 50 voice commands that are easy to use and quick to navigate to on your Android phone. To get Google voice commands on your phone all you need to do is drag your finger down and the Google tool appears. Now say "okay Google" or press the microphone and Google will be waiting for your question. Ask your question and Google responds quickly, reading the answer back to you.

There is a huge variety of useful Google voice commands and you can ask basically anything from what the weather is like to how many calories are in your lunch. The tool is great for obtaining a quick response without having to click on Google, type a question, click on then read the answer. Google voice commands is a simpler, more intuitive way to interact with your phone while obtaining quick results.


There are a range of voice commands that you can ask Google, from general comments like posting to your Google+ account, to setting reminders and alarms, times and dates for any city worldwide, maps and navigation and a whole range of other features.

Google voice commands saves you time and you don't need to scroll through your phone trying to find a contact any longer! Instead of trying to remember day-to-day activities you can easily record everything with the sound of your voice. Use Google voice commands and save time searching on your phone.

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