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Google's Top Searches for 2011 and New Social Media Tools

Google's Top Searches for 2011 and New Social Media Tools

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

Social media and search dominated this week's roundup, with Facebook launching the Timeline, starting in New Zealand, Twitter's recently announced business profiles and Google releasing their top search terms for 2011.

New Zealand First with Facebook's Timeline
New Zealand gets Facebook's highly anticipated Timeline feature first. According to a spokeperson from Facebook, releasing the Timeline to their New Zealand customers gives them a chance to "gain perspective and insights from outside the US" from within an engish speaking market. For now, the rest of the world will need to wait.

Twitter's Enhanced Profiles for Business
For now, only a few selected brands have access to Twitter's enhanced profile pages. Twitter's business pages let brands create a central point for their content, their promoted tweets and hashtags. 

Androids Land in Melbourne
The Telstra project Androidland has just arrived in Melbourne. Promoting Google's smartphone operating system, Android, Androidland gives more potential customers a chance to see just what the search giant's mobile phone OS has to offer.

Google: What we searched for and Riding Rising Trends
In 2011 we searched for the iPhone 5, Minecraft and Cyclone Yasi and tried to find out more on both Planking and Adele, according to Google. The search giant also suggested that most small to medium businesses could benefit in search from watching and discussing rising topics. Which also sounds very close to the topic of David Meerman Scott's latest book, 'News Jacking'.

Do You Want To Get What You see?
Wiredcraft asks why is a WYSIWYG Editor essential? They offer a lot of functionality for the end user, and have been the standard for Content Management Systems for years, but there are downsides. Broken markup, poor content generation practices and suboptimal SEO practices are a few of the points touched on in the article.