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Google launches Caffeine, the future of search!

Google launches Caffeine, the future of search!

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Google has today announced the official launch of Caffeine. After a year in Beta testing Caffeine has been officially launched worldwide as from today.

Warning to site owners: This change may affect the rankings of your search terms on Google as the new indexation takes place. The future of search is here NOW!

Google says that Caffeine will deliver web content much faster than before - processing hundreds of thousands of pages per second which can take up to 100 million Gigabytes of storage in one database!

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To read the full article go the the Official Google Blog.

The company said it did not expect a publisher backlash to the changes but admitted some pages would be pushed to the top of search results based on the fact that they were newer, while some older pages would be pushed down. Users would begin to notice changes beginning today but these would be more pronounced over time.

"Our old index had several layers, some [of] which were refreshed at a faster rate than others; a large part of the entire index would be updated every couple of weeks," Google explained in a blog post announcing the changes, adding that this meant some searches wouldn't show the most recent links.

"With Caffeine, we can analyze the web and update our search index on a continuous basis, globally.

"That means when you search you get as close to a current version of the information on the web as possible - no matter when or where it's published."

Aspedia advises all clients to refresh web content as often as possible and this has never been more the case with live web updates now being driven by Caffeine. Take advantage of the future of search engines now or be left behind!