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Google is Giving Priority to HTTPS Sites in Rankings

Google is Giving Priority to HTTPS Sites in Rankings

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

With security breaches recently affecting a number of websites, including big names, Google has announced its plans to reward sites with extra security.

Websites using HTTPS, secure and encrypted connections are starting to rank slightly higher than HTTP websites because of the new HTTPS ranking signal in the search algorithm.

What is an HTTPS website?

HTTPS, also known as HTTP over TLS, or Transport Layer Security, help protect sites by using high-security measures. This protection uses layering SSL/TLS over HTTP, which can help prevent wiretapping and security attacks. Using 2048-bit key SSL certificates ensures an encrypted link between a server and the client, such as a website.

Typically HTTPS websites tend to be those that take payments online, however, Google is on a drive to make web searching safer by implementing what they call “HTTPS everywhere”.

Why and how are Google Rewarding HTTPS websites?

Security is a priority for Google and they have ensured all their services have a strong HTTPS encryption such as Gmail, Search and Drive. It is only logical the next step is to ensure users are accessing safe websites from their search engine.

Google implemented a lightweight HTTPS signal into their algorithm to test the effect it would have on search rankings. Positive effects were recorded although it is thought only about 1% of queries globally were affected. Google may strengthen this signal and have suggested webmasters start to implement security features into their websites.

For more information view the original Google post.

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