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Get your Website Found Online

Get your Website Found Online

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More and more websites are being created each day and with the competition continually growing, getting your website and business found on the Web isn’t as simple as putting a couple of pages with a few images and content on it. Online marketing companies will tell you a range of things you need to do, and being able to measure the results is the key.

Each business and client is different and each has their own keywords for their industry and business. Finding the balance and solution to maximise traffic to your site is not something that can be achieved overnight. It can be a long process with the end results achieved by finding the right combination of words that get the most conversions on the site.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) are the three words on everyone's lips and it's something you need to know about. If you're not interested in learning yourself and would rather hand it over to an expert, that is up to you. If you are interested in learning, there are hundreds of articles out there and whether you feel like trusting their word that is also up to you. Google continually updates good practice SEO and ranks certain things above others; you just need to be aware of the updates.

Internal links, fresh content, directory links and internal content tags are among the key principles of SEO that allows Google to better rank your content and website. Google needs to be able to read and understand your content to then be able to deliver the right content back to users searching for it on the Web.


Google Analytics is a key tool used to measure data about your website and user behaviour. Analytics tells you what users are typing into Google to find your website, and these are the words that need to be placed across your website. Analytics also identifies opportunities and areas you need to prioritise to increase the number of visitors to your site.

If you send newsletters or emails with links to your site, you can measure how many people clicked on each section and determine the content users are most interested in, then you can better target your information. Another tool within Analytics shows the user journeys people perform on your site - you can then determine why people are leaving at a certain page and direct them on a better journey.


Adfollow is an online ad campaign that is aimed at retargeting users who have been to your website. Once a user has been on your website they are tagged with special code that then allows your ads to show up in front of them while they are surfing the web. This remarketing technique imprints the message in front of consumers reminding them to go back to your website and hopefully make a purchase or enquiry.

Adfollow is continually updating and making improvements. You can target ads to show only to people in Brisbane looking for a pet shop, for example, or allow your ads to show on mobile devices at certain times a day. The targeting capabilities are endless and finding the right balance of ads being shown and conversion rates is preferable.

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