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Fake Facebook Fans, LinkedIn Launches Slideshow and Drupal Aims for World Domination

Fake Facebook Fans, LinkedIn Launches Slideshow and Drupal Aims for World Domination

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In this week's blog we focus on three interesting topics, firstly focusing on how to tell if a business has fake followers and what impact this has for a company. LinkedIn launches a slideshare content ad, which enhances and shows off a business's brand and content in a presentation. Lastly, drupal is set for world domination within the open source content management system. 

Social Media Downfalls

Businesses are taking advantage of social media outlets and for good reason, it's free! However, now critics are finding fake Facebook and twitter fans. The fake fans can be identified by an account having thousands of likes on their business page, after just being live for a short amount of time.

A user visiting such a page may be under the impression that the business knows how to build their social media fan base and fast, but if you look closer there is another answer. If likes are from for example a foreign country out of the businesses target area, the accounts may be fake, meaning the business is most likely working the system and buying their fans.

The misconception users can have of a business when stumbling across a page with thousands of likes is that they must be a great business and really engaging their fans. Although fake fans can be effective it can also reflect back very negatively on the business, and lose people‚Äôs trust as well as showing bad business ethics.  

Advertising Advancement

LinkedIn seems to be making all the right moves in terms of their new slideshare content ads launch. The new marketing technique displays presentations in the standard display units of websites. The idea of the new slideshare is to advertise a brand with detailed information and message they wish to portray to consumers.

The ads target audiences without the users required to leave a page to view the presentation. The benefit of the presentation is that it provides companies the ability to deliver engaging experiences by implementing videos, blogs, company news and updates into the slideshare.

 How it works is by when the user clicks on it the slideshare ad, it will expand for easy viewing. LinkedIn plans to grow and expand the concept further by acquiring new labs from a company behind newsreader app Pulse according to a source. The new app technology will let users create personalized material from filtering articles.    

Big Ideas For Drupal's Creator

Drupal's open source system has come along way since first opening in 2001. The creator of open-source content management system aims for world domination within the software world. The company now runs 2% of the world's websites, and the creator's next goal is to grow to 10% of the market share.

The next release will see Drupal 8 expand across the market, and has said to feature significant architectural changes and with this it will incorporate elements of the Symfony2 web framework. The adjustment in the new version will see an evolution from the pure CMS to a web platform. Drupal may well be on its way to reach the goal of world domination.