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Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business

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Not so long ago everyone was talking about websites being an essential business tool, now technology is moving at such a fast pace that Web 2.0 or 'Social Web' is the new tool for businesses to take advantage of.

Over the past two or three years Facebook has seen a massive jump in memberships but not just from individuals. Businesses are jumping on the bandwagon as they can see the advantages of putting their brand in front of more people and using Facebook to increase their brand awareness! Over 400 million members can't be wrong!

There are many reasons that a business could profit from Facebook, not least the ability to advertise to users simular to Google Adwords but with a twist! The main difference in advertsing on Facebook as opposed to Google is that on Facebook a business can choose not only the geographical target area but the age group and interests of a particular user group. This forms a very powerful ad group and allows the business to target deomographics and psychographical data which in turn puts the advert in front of people who are much more likely to be interested in the product or service.

The other upside is that Facebook advertising costs are quite low currently and that is bringing much more 'bang' for your buck than traditional adword campaigns.

Another advantage of Facebook is that you can create a specific page for your business which, if designed well, can be compelling and offer real value for members as you can offer Facebook-only special offers and interested parties may tell their Facebook friends about your offers!

If you are considering creating a Facebook presence then ensure you have time to update the page on a regular basis and add compelling content and offers to make it worthwhile for people; add a personal touch maybe as it shows a softer side of your business. If you support any charities make a mention of them and how your Facebook page supports them, such as '5% of all Facebook-related purchases goes to the charity of our choice'.

Aspedia can create Facebook pages and many other social media tactics and also runs professional advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook that drive real results. Contact us for more information.