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eNewsletters a Powerful Marketing Tool

eNewsletters a Powerful Marketing Tool

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

eNewsletters are one of the most cost effective eMarketing promotional tools and are relatively simple to implement.
Online eNewsletters are a powerful marketing vehicle that enables you to build your customer base, improve contact with your existing clients, while establishing your online credibility and promoting your products/services. Newsletters are one of the most cost effective eMarketing promotional tools and are relatively simple to implement.

The fundamental rule that must be kept in mind is that an eNewsletter should always be about news. There are already too many ePublications distributed that are low on content and high on pitch which defeats the very point.

This means that your company newsletter should contain compelling industry information and breaking company news rather than shameless self-promotion. If your newsletter looks professional, is engaging, explores fascinating industry topics, and is possibly entertaining at the same time, then you are representing your company as a reputable and attentive source of information which in turn shows your expertise and integrity. The initial yield in terms of new clients, improved client relationships and increased reputation or credibility will be intangible but the long-term profit will not.

Any marketing agenda must be obvious, you must resist overwhelming subscribers with too much promotional material and what is included should be tasteful, subtle, and be strategically approached in your newsletter. When promotional material is included it should be discretely tied to your news items, which can be done by providing hyperlinks that allow your subscribers choice over the sales material they read.

Remember, the point of a newsletter is to build trust and strengthen contact with your customers to fortify their perception of your professionalism, competence and leadership. If your newsletter delivers excellence, your subscribers will remember you when they require a product/service similar to that delivered by you.

Though a newsletter costs basically nothings to send out, when it comes to investing time, make sure you don't skimp. Take your time to review and revise, as a poorly written newsletter, or one that is focused exclusively on a product pitch, will do little to bolster your company image. In fact, an eNewsletter that emulates junk mail is simply bad PR, and pathetic writing always sends the wrong message. Stay heavy on the content, make sure the writing is strong, and always avoid filler stories.

Once you have made the decision to send a eNewsletter you must make it regular and prompt, as these traits are almost as important as the quality itself. If your newsletter shows up sporadically and unpredictably, then you are telling your subscribers that your company is disorganised. It does not matter whether you launch it daily, weekly, or bi-monthly, just make sure it dispatched on schedule.

To enlist subscribers, provide an opt-in capability which allows them to add their name to your mailing list and provide a further option on the newsletter allowing it to be forwarded to a friend or colleague. Advertise your newsletter as an important source of industry news and information and let your customers know that you want to keep them informed of company developments and product promotions through this medium.

Finally, always reassure subscribers and clients that e-mail addresses will be kept strictly confidential and provide a simple mechanism allowing them to opt-out should they not wish to continue receive it. Opt-out subscribers should be removed prior to the next newsletter, as there is nothing more annoying than receiving unwanted eMail, and failure to act on their request may diminish any good-will created between your company and the newsletter subscriber.

All business owners would like more clients and improved credibility, so don't waste any time, start planning your newsletter campaign today.