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eCommerce Success Checklist

eCommerce Success Checklist

A Development article written by Lynne Newbury

The failure of so many eBusinesses has made it clear that the answer to making an online business a success is not an obvious one. Many tens of thousands of businesses have failed on the Internet in the last few years yet many others remain and flourish.

What the flourishing eBusinesses have proven is that eCommerce is a powerful, cost-efficient way to reach a worldwide audience and earn a robust profit.
Why do some businesses succeed while others fail?

Successful eBusinesses make smart business choices long before their sites are launched. eCommerce success requires more than simply putting together a quick homepage, tacking on a catalogue, and taking orders by email.

eCommerce success is resultant of solid planning, business fundamentals, and sound infrastructure. The question is no longer whether or not to do eCommerce, but how to do eCommerce the right way!

What is "the right way"?
Aspedia has found that the majority of successful online businesses have common characteristics which include:

  • Selling the right product at the right price
  • A professional design for your online storefront
  • Providing a simple process for real time online payments
  • Creating an effective promotion campaign of your online business
  • Offering help and advice to visitors via telephone and online support
  • Having an eCommerce partner who listens to your needs, works with you, and provides custom, end-to-end eCommerce solutions

No piece of the puzzle should be left out and no element neglected. Understanding the details of eCommerce and meeting the demands of Internet shoppers is essential to building a successful and thriving eBusiness.