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Customise your Google+ URLs

Customise your Google+ URLs

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There are many benefits for obtaining a customised URL, first of all it's short and easy to remember and the Web address links directly to your profile or page. Consumers also benefit as they are more likely to remember a short URL, for example, google.com.au/+aspedia rather than https://plus.google.com/118085448716377830238/posts.

How to Customise your URL

The steps to obtaining your very own customised URL are fairly straightforward, but remember that your customised URL can’t be changed so make sure you choose things based on the business name or add a letter to make it unique.

To customise your URL:

  1. Sign into your Google+ account. Place your cursor in the top left-hand corner of the Google+ main menu and click on your profile.
  2. Select the About tab and under links > Google + URL, select Get URL.
  3. Now you will be able to view the customised URL for which you have been approved. Remember you aren’t able to change it but you are able to add a few letters or numbers so it becomes unique to you.
  4. Select the box that says you agree to the Terms of Service then click Change URL in the bottom left.
  5. If you need to verify your account you can do this by using the mobile number that is linked to your account.
  6. This new URL will be linked to your Google+ page, so double check that everything is correct. Once you are happy and the URL has been approved (it can’t be changed), select confirm choice.

Eligibility Conditions

There are always a few drawbacks as Google sets a few compulsory criteria that you have to meet prior to customising your URL

Individual users are required to have ten or more followers, your account needs to be open for 30 days or more and you need to have a profile picture displayed.

Local Google+ pages must have a verified local business.

Non-Local Google+ pages must be linked to a website.

The requirements are fairly straightforward allowing you obtain a customised URL - try it today!