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Can you milk a...

Can you milk a...

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Google has reimagined the game of Family Feud in the form of Google Feud.

Google Feud, much like the original game, gives you the top answers to choose from except in this version the answers come from the top Google search queries. When you correctly guess the top answers you receive points and when you get three incorrect answers before the round ends. The categories range from names, culture, people and questions.

For example:

The Google search term I received was Can you milk a …..

These were the answers:

FireShot Capture - Google Feud - http___www.googlefeud.com_.png

Google is always offering users innovative ideas and this is one of them. This game is fun, challenging and a great distraction. Google feud also raises concern about the people searching these terms but nevertheless, you should check it out.

Please note: You can easily cheat this game by searching the term on Google, but where is the fun in that !?!