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Audience Development Strategies

Audience Development Strategies

A Marketing article written by Mike Whitehouse

All web marketers face the challenge of attracting a new and previously un-reached audience to their site through an effective marketing campaign, satisfying that audience, and turning them into repeat customers.

Audience Development Strategies are developed to entice customers to visit your site and volunteer information, which can be automatically stored along with their demographics and preferences captured during each visit to your site.

The information captured is used to tailor future information delivery and promotions to the exact requirements of the customer, with the aim of delivering an enhanced on-line experience, which will encourage repeat visits, influence their buying decisions and reinforce your relationship.

These Direct Response Marketing databases are infinitely more accurately than traditional purchased databases and are a fraction of the cost. The information captured could include the pages they visited, advertisements they viewed, documents they read, products they purchased and surveys they complete.

Making use of the user profiling and market analysis information can help immensely during the strategic planning process to improve the results of your site.