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Support Priority Matrix

Support Priority Matrix

To improve the service that Aspedia delivers to all of it's clients, we request that you lodge your support request online. By lodging online, we can collect all the required information to understand the issue you are facing.

Aspedia uses a priority matrix to give our clients an estimate of how long it may take for support queries to be responded to and rectified. Please keep in mind that the target time frames here may change from time to time and we will use our best endeavours to meet the those targets.

For CRM and Website Clients

Impact of Issue on Business OperationsNumber of Clients Affected
 Multiple ClientsIndividual Client
Business cannot operate*UrgentUrgent
Impaired operation with no workaroundHighHigh
Impaired operation but workaround exists
Business inconveniencedLowLow
* e.g. Website is down or unusable, or ecommerce is not working.


Priority Code Definitions

Priority CodeUrgency of responseTarget response*Target resolution*
Severity 1 (Urgent)Immediate, sustained effort using all necessary and available resources until service is restored30 minute2 hours
Severity 2 (High)Immediate response to assess the situation, staff may be interrupted and taken away from low/medium priority jobs1 hour8 hours
Severity 3 (Medium)Response using standard procedures and operating within the normal frameworksSame day**5 working days
Severity 4 (Low)Response using standard procedures and operating within the normal frameworks as time allowsSame day**Best effort
* Within core business hours (8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday AEST)
** Response within same business day if possible, otherwise within 8 business hours